Erika Smith Photography
Erika Smith Photography
Capturing your pet's personality with bright candid shots

Hi! I'm Erika 

When I was 4, I didn’t want to leave my grandmother’s house (my mother and I were visiting). I finally agreed to come home when my dad promised me a white fluffy puppy! I’ve been hooked ever since! 
my childhood was spent in wyoming, i attended college in utah and now live in seattle, wa. i have a degree in finance from university of utah and received a certificate in photography from university of washington.
in addition to photography, my 8-5 job is in commercial insurance. 
when i have free time, i enjoy being outside either at the beach, hiking, running or walking around. i also like to travel (but need to do more of it!), hanging out with my friends and family and throwing a ball for a certain red dog. 

About Riley


about riley:

riley is my crazy red dog. he is fun, loves being outside running like a maniac, chasing his purple/blue ball, swimming, hiking and rolling on anything foul smelling. he loves people, dogs, snacks and squirrels. i adopted him when he was a year old and it's been non stop fun ever since!