Golden Meet Up at Double Bluff Dog Beach

I love Golden Meet ups! They are always hilarious - goldens running into the water, chasing after balls, being goofy, making friends - but add in two 4 month old puppies and we all about died of cuteness overload! 

These are a few shots from the Henry (blonde pup) and Rhubarb (red pup) show. This was the first day they met... I had to put my camera away half way through the meet up as I couldn't stop taking shots of them. Look how ridiculous they are!! 

And the rest of the crew! So entertaining! There was a few dogs who would just stand out in the water and wait for something to get thrown in, others who would chase anything that moved and one weirdo who would only fetch his blue ball and stalk any dog who had it.. that would be Riley.. 

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