Riley at Rattlesnake Lake

Saturday morning we headed out to Rattlesnake Lake hoping to see a sunrise and it did not disappoint! Not the most spectacular one but the lake made up for it. 

Riley had a blast running around and splashing in the lake and I was so happy to have pretty light. And we had the lake to ourselves - that never happens!  We left pretty early as we had a date with some wild and crazy goldens at Whidby Island at noon. 

A little history on the lake - The town of Moncton existed from 1906–1915 around the northern edge of Rattlesnake Lake. In the spring of 1915, it was destroyed by flooding caused by seepage of water from the newly created Chester Morse Lake into Rattlesnake Lake, and later condemned.

When the waters are high you may have difficulty spotting the lake’s secret, but in the fall the water level is often low enough to reveal foundations, stumps, an old fireplace, and other reminders of the town that once was.

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