Erika Smith Photography
Erika Smith Photography
Capturing your pet's personality with bright candid shots



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Q: My dog acts like a hyena who had a double espresso when he is off leash. Also, he doesn't know a lot of commands. can you still work with us?

a: of course! I do recommend your dog lay off the espresso and please exercise your dog before the our photoshoot. SAfety is our priority so most pups are on leash during their sessions. Leashes can be removed in post production so no one will ever know!

q: We live in Seattle. What if there is a downpour?

a:  We will reschedule. My equipment can tolerate minimal rain and unless your dog is a nut like mine, most pups don't enjoy standing in a downpour. If your dog is anti rain please let me know.

q: Should i be in the photos also?

A: This is entirely up to you. If you would like a few shots of your with your favorite critters, then I will be happy to accommodate. If you would rather keep the focus be on your furry little friends, we can do that too! 

Q: Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

a: Nope! On Average clients do invest at least $500 on their photography experience.