She Unblocked Me But No Contact Reddit

I've been nc with for about a week. We were in same class in college.

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The silence from a woman strongly indicates a lack of romantic interests and portrays a suffocated need for space.

She unblocked me but no contact reddit. A girl, good friend of mine, unfriended me on facebook. Anyway when we got off the phone i didn’t hear from him again and shame on me i sent like two emails weeks later about being friends he never repsoended but i did notice he however unblocked me on social media and haven’t blocked me since but this was earlier in the year 2017, so we haven’t had any contact since then. She blocked your number, on instagram, facebook, snapchat, you name it.

A week can feel like a long time sometimes, and shes probably missing you, so she unblocked to. You can’t make someone talk to you so your best course of action is to move on. I just found out she unblocked me on facebook (not friended, just unblocked) and i'm thinking too much into it.

I started no contact and 2 months after she texted me and said: I've currently been in no contact with my ex for about four weeks now. Your ex is in a clear headspace right now and has no bad feelings for you whatsoever.

Your ex hasn't contacted you for many reasons. We're still in nc, reaching 2 months soon. 4 hours after i replied and sai:

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At the time, she said she wanted to take a “break” because she no longer felt a “spark” for me. To me, blocking someone is an extreme response. That’s it gives you a chance to evolve.

Before we went no contact, she ghosted me for over a week. I am not going to contact her and have no problem maintaining nc. It might catch you of surprise if she blocks you on everything.

Hello, my ex blocked me a month ago and i tried my best to be patient, because i remembered he told me before, that if something happens like this where he blocks me out of nowhere he’ll come back, i just have wait for 2 weeks, but within those 2 weeks his sister texted me, me and her r not that close because my ex never told her about me and. Our family had never fallen out until dad died. Why hasn't my ex tried to contact me?

The female mind during the no contact rule may appear complex and difficult to interpret, but the good thing about the woman's mind in no contact is that it will usually tell you what it feels. My ex girlfriend broke up with me. Find out the benefits of stopping all communications with your ex so that you can heal yourself and move on, with or without him.

Whether you want to win him back or you just need clarity on what you want, following the no contact rule is a great way to have some space emotionally and physically after a breakup. Hi and hope you are doing well. Don't try to contact her to find out the reason.

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Girls get emotional, no need for you to react to her being emotional with you being even more emotional. He or she is busy with various people and activities that no longer concern you. September 23, 2016 at 11:14 am #566382.

She started all this (i obeyed her all the time), but looking back, she. The day after, she ended up texting me saying that she wanted to focus on her mental health so we parted ways. We’ve been going no contact ever since (it’s been 6 months since we last talked) but now she called me yesterday two times in a row.

In fact, the more they interest you, the more miserable you will be. Shes used to the guy blowing up her phone, apologizing, and asking for her back. You are just another contact on their long contact list.

You won’t change her, so keep the peace, but continue no contact is my best advice. It says, “i do not want contact from you whatsoever”. I am doing well too.

But there’s also a second criteria that can be considered working with the no contact rule. She did it to me and then came back wanting to talk to me saying “i” haven’t been in touch. Naturally, the first thing you might want to do when you realize that your ex has unblocked you, is send her a text message to open the lines of communication between you once again.

I have no urge to message or call her at all but am not sure if i should facebook block her or not. Without knowing the details/circumstances of your relationship, nc makes chicks nuts after a breakup. The most important one is that your ex doesn't want to get back together with you.

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Your presence in their life no longer makes any difference. She blocked me on everything and now i can’t get ahold of her! Keep your replies brief and add in humor.

Maybe s/he unblocked you because it seemed petty but they still maintain the feeling that they do not want contact. I tried and tried and she blocked me out! If you’re doing that 30 day rule, the no contact will can technically work because it will give you time, both him and you time, to settle down and let logic win out.

I am very happy to hear you are doing well. Hi, i am doing well and hope you too, thanks. I was in the similar situation.

Just wanted to say hello. She used to call me and talk about her studies, problems in her life and so. 1 day after she texted back:

My girlfriend broke up with me 6 months ago. It means that he/she has passed the initial difficult days of a breakup and probably holds no grudges against you. Another thing to remember now that she has unblocked you is….

That's when i unfollowed her on social media.

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