Why Did He Unblock Me Then Block Me Again

I don't pop up to him only rarely because i know he's busy but when i do pop up he seems really happy. He knows blocking you will hurt you and he wants to delete you from his life, then there’s a high chance he might unblock you at some point.

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He blames me for everythung.

Why did he unblock me then block me again. Wondering, why? why block me now? There are dozens of possible motivations and reasons for this behaviour, and without being him (and i wouldn’t even count on that— some people have a habit of hiding behind denial about their own motives, so even they can’t recognize them), it’s h. He was the first person to block you after that dreadful fight.

He deleted me from fb and snapchat, but kept me on instagram. When she unblocks you, she gets annoyed that you’re texting her too much. An ex unblocking you might not want to have you back in their life, it could just be that they want to know how your life is going.

Or perhaps he unblocked you just so he can see your profile again. Sometimes, if a woman has cut off all communication with her ex (e.g. For my closure i ask him to say he doesnt love me.

My exs girlfriend told him to block me i think but i wanna know why he unblocked me and blocked me back. However, after he pops up and we haven't spoke for a day or 2 he will block me for a few hours and then he unblocks me. Whatever the case may be, curiosity is often a huge factor in how he acts.

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My ex blocked me on whatsapp then unblocked me right after. He's been blocked since last december, & he had me unblocked since then until he got with the second girl this month and decided to block me again. Why would he do this?

He has all symptoms of a narsistic personality. He blocked me again im pretty sure but should i have hope in the fact that he unblocked me on whatsapp. I said okay, then he messaged me six days later we talked.

We decided to part ways. Tells me things to inflict pain. Wished he kept me blocked for good.

Weeks have passed and he blocked me again, all of this while i didn't intiate any contact with him. He even says things then says he didnt say them. The man im with is 15 years older.

He might be getting ready to reach out to you with a text to catch up with you. I was friends with benefits with a guy last summer but we got in an argument and he said he wanted to be left alone. Stop responding and block her from any means of contact.

Here are 5 common reasons why: There’s no excuse for this abusive behavior. Narcissist tend to play mind games that are always on their terms.

If you do, they’re laughing as it shows the narc that no mat. Then says he made it all up. First to view my story.

I laugh at that ****. I was in the same boat as you op. Because, like the women that block and unblock, they are either trying to prevent you from communicating with them or they are too childish to realise that the blocking feature is not merely a petty display of power over another person.

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Why did he block me for no reason. He told me to leave him alone and thats what i have been doing. He is completely immature and by unblocking you he is just proving it you how more childish he can be.

She is insecure when it comes to me. What i mean is that they will block you for a while, then out of the blue unblock you to see if you will contact them. 11 possible reasons why your ex unblocked you.

If he blocked you for reasons apart from these two: So why bother blocking just for 2 days. A guy that i'm dating keeps blocking me and then unblocks me.

She is playing some sort of sick game. The answer to the question “he blocked me, will he come back?” depends greatly on the reason why he did so in the first place. So its been 3 months since the break up,2months of fighting after then i went no contact.when i went no contact she sent me a msh that she is blocking me on facebook i never replied.2 weeks later she has unblocked me.i sent her a message finally that i'm doing very well(i actually am) and that i'm okay with the break up and it was for the best as i'm doing so well now.i also said no hard.

She’s blocked his number so he can’t call or text her, she’s unfriended him on social media), she might feel a. Him in return just yesterday he had unblocked me and told everyone in this chat we were in that i blocked him and then he told me to unblock him and stuff not sure what to make of this i have never said anything bad back to him he used to harrass me when i would tell others hello and stuff but he’d do it. When this happens, one of the first things he will do is unblock you.

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You have no obligation to respond to your abu. It is not with the aggravation and stress she is causing. Why did he unblock me then block me again?

He bloxks me unblocks me. He probably unblocked you to check on you and then he blocked you again. I mean he knew it was a form of communication platform.

Ex girlfriend keeps blocking and unblocking me. I had someone i cared deeply about, waited years (like in decades worth) to be able to date, we've known each other since we were kids…the chance and time finally came up, we were both single finally….and she never put forth any effort or very lit. If it’s a guy, he might want to know if you are now with another man.

His girlfriend wants to be my friend without me and him communicating. He chose not to talk about the problem and find a solution, rather, he did the stupidest thing ever.

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